Vaccine passports criticised by senior Tory

Vaccine passports, as part of the Government’s Plan B, are “illogical”, Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood has said.

Mr Ellwood told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “Three votes are taking place today, firstly on face masks, I don’t disagree with that, that makes sense, secondly on mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff, I agree with that too.

“It’s this final one to do with vaccine passports for large events, there are some practical implications as to how this will be enforced.

“But, more importantly, you can go into a large venue with a recent negative lateral flow test, again that makes sense, but you can also turn up if you had proof of having two jabs, which may have been completed six months ago, so even with a new mutation you could actually be carrying Covid.

“Leadership is about taking people to where perhaps they didn’t realise they needed to go, but they must understand the plan, and this is illogical at the moment.”

He added: “If you can turn up with just a piece of paper, that documentation you’ve received that says you’ve had two jabs completed six months ago, that will not prevent Covid from entering a large venue.”

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