Following the resignation of Councillor Becky Gittins, a by-election has been called to fill the vacancy of Councillor for Earlsdon Ward. The election will take place on Thursday 26 October 2023.

The last date for candidates to submit nomination is 4pm on Friday 29 September, after this date a list of candidates will be available on our website.

All electors who are currently registered and are eligible to vote will receive a poll card between 21 – 30 September 2023.

If you’ve recently moved or turned 18, you may not be registered. You can register at The deadline to register to vote in the by-election is Tuesday 10 October 2023.

If you wish to vote at the polling station you will be required to show an accepted form of photographic ID before being issued with a ballot paper, to find out more information on what forms of ID are accepted or on how to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) visit our website. The deadline to apply for a VAC is 5pm on Wednesday 18 October 2023.

If you are unable to attend the polling station, you can apply to vote by post. Alternatively, you could apply for a proxy vote. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Wednesday 1 October 2023 and the deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday 18 October 2023.

More information can be found online at

Friday, 15th September 2023

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