Ms Swan says the bakery first tried Caramac-flavoured baked goods a few years ago.

“They’ve been so popular we’ve never been able to take them off the shelf,” she said.

“We’ve had them on every day for four years.”

She expects queues over the weekend and regular customers have called to reserve their caramel treats in advance.

Ms Swan had planned for her stock to last until Christmas but with the increase in Caramac’s publicity, she has contacted Nestlé to see if they have any spare boxes.

She is still waiting for a response.

However, an employee from Nestlé did contact Ms Swan when the final batch of the caramel treat came off the production line on Wednesday evening.

She joked about being dressed in black, saying: “We sell a lot of Caramac eclairs so it’s going to be a very sad day in the bakery to see them go.”

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