Employers urged to ‘normalise’ menopause in the workplace

Employers need to do more to “normalise conversations” about the menopause in the workplace, say experts. The comments came after a BBC survey found 70% of respondents did not tell their bosses they were experiencing symptoms. Some firms have brought in menopause-specific policies but experts said for many it was still a taboo subject. It […]

London’s January air quality ‘best in 10 years’

The capital breached limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by 6 January every year for the last decade, Mayor Sadiq Khan said. So far this year, London’s NO2 has not exceeded limits – although it is likely to later this month, Mr Khan admitted. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said despite recent progress, […]

Coca-Cola to cut bottle size but increase price in face of sugar tax

Coca-Cola has announced it will cut the size of a 1.75l bottle to 1.5l and put up the price by 20p in March, because of the introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks from April this year. However, the company said it has no plans to change its classic recipe. “People love the taste… […]

‘Being a teenage mother is so lonely’

Teenage pregnancy rates in the UK have halved in the past eight years, but are still among the highest in Europe. New government guidelines are being released to help councils reduce the numbers further. Shannon was 14 and her boyfriend Ethan 17 when she became pregnant with their son, Harvey, who is now two. “Being […]

French salmonella baby milk scandal ‘affects 83 countries’

More than 12 million boxes of powdered baby milk have now been recalled in 83 countries in a salmonella scandal involving French company Lactalis. The dairy firm’s CEO, Emmanuel Besnier, confirmed the extent of the contamination risk to French media. The products have been subject to a recall since December, after salmonella bacteria was discovered […]

Breast cancer survival ‘unaffected by faulty gene’

Young breast cancer patients with faulty BRCA genes have the same survival chances as those without, a study has found. The researchers, who looked at almost 3,000 women, also found outcomes were the same whatever kind of treatment women had – including mastectomies. Experts say it means women can take time to decide if the […]

Cost legacy of decades-old NHS blunders begins to rise

NHS medical blunders dating back more than two decades are still costing millions of pounds a year in compensation, it has emerged. The negligence bill for mistakes made before 1995 – mainly maternity failings – has begun to rise for the first time in five years. A patients’ charity said the figures showed just how […]

Pharma giant Pfizer pulls out of research into Alzheimer’s

Drug company Pfizer has announced it is pulling out of research into drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The US-based pharmaceutical giant said it would be ending its neuroscience discovery programmes following a review, and 300 jobs would be lost. The Alzheimer’s Society called the news “disappointing” and a “heavy blow” to those living with dementia. […]

s coconut oil a superfood?

Sales of coconut oil are rocketing, propelled by celebrity endorsements and claims that drinking the stuff will cure everything from bad breath to digestive disorders. Actress Angelina Jolie-Pitt is said to have a tablespoon or so with her breakfast most mornings, while model Miranda Kerr says she not only adds it to salads and smoothies, […]

Why you should get your hearing checked

Ten million people in the UK – one in six of us – have some degree of hearing loss. The main causes are hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear diseases. And, of course, there is age. Like getting fatter and going grey, we tend to think of hearing loss as an inevitable part of […]