August 2020 Communication Components Inc. (CCI) drives forward adding next gen 4×4 MIMO Antennas to its world leading Multi-Beam portfolio.

Creating faster and increased data throughput, international solutions provider CCI’s Multi-Beam Antennas with 4×4 MIMO support enables mobile speeds in excess of 1Gbits/s to be achieved on current LTE networks and future proofs for 5G networks.

CCI Event Stadium Antenna at Indy500

CCI Event Stadium Antenna at Indy500

Building on the global success of their trail-blazing Multi-Beam Antennas, the new breed provides full 4×4 MIMO functionality in operator networks to match the latest devices, achieving speeds and thrusting capacity up to levels which can even surpass massive MIMO throughput and capacity in stadium, arena, and pedestrian deployment scenarios.

From mass transit & population sites like the US Indy500, or airports and rail stations such as London’s Paddington Station to country-wide capacity projects, the CCI Multi-Beam Antennas are an essential part of delivering quality high capacity technology as data demand increases.

Recently used in emergency responses such as the UK’s NHS Covid-19 Nightingale Hospital, early adopters include Norwegian operators who installed 4×4 MIMO 6 Beam Antennas permanently at Holmenkollen in Oslo to maintain year-round connectivity for the thousands of large crowds who visit the Ski Jump and Museum.

CCI Multi-Beam Antennas have been optimized for OFDMA LTE/5G networks, support options for full LTE spectrum support, and will extend to the high frequency 5G bands in the future.

Peter Jackson, Director of Sales-Europe said, “CCI is unique; able to move quickly amid the Covid-19 crisis to support Operators and clients around the world with our leading extended Multi-Beam portfolio in response to the adoption of 4×4 technology in the macro network. CCI are enabling high density capacity requirements migrate into day to day capacity, adding to or within existing technology and base stations amid the emerging 5G networks and growing demands for streaming.”

Having introduced the world’s-first 6-beam 4×4 MIMO Antenna earlier in the year, the latest innovation now extends 4×4 capability to 3-beam and 9-beam solutions. CCI’s Multi-Beam Antenna portfolio is one of the largest on the market, containing 3, 6, or 9 independent LTE optimized beams with 4×4 MIMO capability or conversely double the amount of independent LTE optimized beams with 2×2 MIMO capability, or any other combination of 4×4 MIMO/2×2 MIMO systems required, providing unapparelled frequency and MIMO configuration capability.

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CCI is a design and manufacturing firm founded by engineers with a technical solutions-based approach to delivering for its clients, who build their portfolio openly as an extension of their original patented phased array technology.

CCI creates the ability for an operator to have a high performance, high capacity node from a single location, enabling faster and lower cost deployment than other solutions. Hence deployment locations and events can be as diverse as hospitals, pop festivals or sporting championships, permanently at the Vatican’s St Peter’s Square, and temporarily for major events including Glastonbury, Silverstone and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, CCI operates manufacturing, R&D and sales in over 25 strategic locations worldwide and owns affiliate companies BLINQ Networks and CCI Antennas based in Ottawa, Canada, where its antenna products are developed.

As the world races to enhance its connectivity whilst the effects of Covid-19 accelerate systemic and paradigm shifts in end user work and personal behaviours, CCI brings its in-house expertise to offer high quality proven and established revenue increasing RF solutions for cellular infrastructure, coverage enhancement, densification, spectrum refarming, providing equipment and co-location for the latest LTE, 4G and 5G technologies and portable PIM analysers.

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