A group of Travellers who had been camped on Coventry City Council-owned land in Binley has left the site, it has been confirmed this evening.

The local authority had been due to issue a notice on the group to leave the fields next to Langbank Avenue by today (Friday, August 28).

Arrangements are now being made to “clear and cleanse” the green space.

Residents first noticed the encampment on Wednesday (August 26).

One neighbour then reported the incursion to the council via Twitter.

The local authority responded: “We are aware of this and it is currently being investigated by officers.”

The council then said it had been seeking to issue the group with a notice to vacate the land.

The encampment was the latest in a series of stand-offs between the council and Traveller groups in  Coventry  and  Warwickshire.

Speaking earlier this month, Cllr Peter Male (Woodlands) said: “The past two months have seen a ridiculous cat and mouse game between the Travellers, the council and police all at local taxpayers’ expense.”

Lisa Smith, a journalist campaigning for travellers’ rights, has told CoventryLive that  there is a “chronic” shortage of pitches  for nomadic groups nationally, forcing them to stop on contested sites.

A notice gives travellers 24 hours to vacate a site.

A spokesman for  Coventry City Council  said on Thursday: “We are aware of the encampment on Langbank Avenue. Our officers visited the site on August 26 and completed the required needs assessments.

“We will now be looking to issue a notice to vacate our land by August 28.”

It’s not clear if the council issued the notice but a spokesman said this evening that the group had left and “arrangements will be made to clear and cleanse the site as soon as possible.”

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