Coventry fraudster Daniel Fox has opened up about turning his back on crime. Daniel, who was jailed seven times, says he has ‘seen the worst things happen right in front of me’ after a childhood that he says sent him off the rails.

Daniel Fox was jailed after he duped three victims into believing their relatives were in immediate danger when he menacingly demanded thousands of pounds. He used sophisticated phone masking equipment during a series of calls which falsely showed them as having been made from handsets of the victims’ loved ones.

However, during sentencing at Leicester Crown Court, his defence said that Mr Fox was not in a ‘stable state of mind at the time of the offences’ and was in a ‘vulnerable situation’. Jurors also heard that two prison officers who had been supervising Daniel had written references describing him as a model prisoner and an enhanced inmate who helped other prisoners and was a trusted role model in the prison environment.

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Daniel, 32, said he has turned his life around and hopes to help others battling the same problems he faced during his childhood. Speaking to CoventryLive, the father-of-two explained that he has been ‘to hell and back’ throughout his life battling addictions and criminality while also navigating an extremely turbulent family life.

“I got moved around to so many different areas all around Coventry. A lot of stuff happened to me when I was a child which affected my mental state – doors always being slammed, my house always being smashed up and burgled. I grew up surrounded by violence and corruption”, said Daniel.

Speaking about his earlier life, Daniel explained that he struggled with this mental health after years of feeling unloved. He said: “From when I was a kid, I suffered from mental health problems because I had no-one. My whole family rejected me except my grandparents.

“I have received racial abuse and been bullied from a young age and rejected by most of my family.”

Daniel Fox with his family in his childhood at his home in Coventry
Daniel Fox with his family in his childhood at his home in Coventry

Daniel went on to reveal that he had been exposed to drug use from a young age. “Drugs, violence, I have seen the worst things happen right in front of me”, he said.

During his tumultuous childhood, Daniel attended 12 different schools. He admitted that he used sport as a way to escape his turbulent home life until an unfortunate accident happened which led to his mental health deteriorating further.

He explained: “When I was going through this trauma, I used to play for a football team called Whitley Abbey and I played for them for around ten years. But then when I was at a behavioural school for children, and because my life was so distraught I wasn’t naughty, I had just become the clown of the class, and my concentration wasn’t there.

“I never used to be able to concentrate very well because of what was going on at home and I was always starving so I never really cared about school.”

During a PE lesson one day he broke his leg in school and he lost hi place with Whitley Abbey, which he said “broke my heart”. Tearfully, Daniel continued: “It was like the only thing I had back then that was a day away from my mum because of all the trauma I was dealing with. I lost my place in the football team and it caused me to be depressed and become insecure about myself as I piled on a lot of weight.“

Daniel Fox says he has turned his life around after being jailed seven times for fraud and blackmail offences across the UK
Daniel Fox says he has turned his life around after being jailed seven times for fraud and blackmail offences across the UK

In his teenage years, Daniel then went to work on a “party boat” at the Coventry Canal Basin which made him feel as if ‘someone cared’ for him. He said: “I used to work on the little party boat that used to go up and down the canal. The man that used to run it was called John. I used to help the families get on and off at Coventry Canal Basin, but I used to love it because he used to give me food and it was cool as I felt like a had a place where people needed my help and support even though it was only helping people on and off the boat. I loved it.“

But after witnessing a shocking incident involving his mother, Daniel and his mum were forced to relocate to Northampton. He said: “When we moved there, I met this guy and I just knew that he was a Godsend. He taught me how to play basketball and also introduced me to his church where I came to find God.

“This man used to cut my hair and do patterns in my hair too when I was a kid. I loved it. He was like a role model for me, as a father figure. He taught me how to play basketball which later I went on to play for the Northampton Pythons.“

Daniel was offered a scholarship but his financial woes meant that he was forced to reject the offer. He said: “I had a scholarship offered to me to go to Nottingham to play and then when the scholarship was offered to me I could have gone to America, but I had no money at the time and my mum could not afford much back then anyway as it was, so I missed my opportunity to go there which broke my heart.”

He admitted that his broken family life led to him becoming embroiled in criminality. He said that employees within the prison system ‘did not want to know’ about why he was struggling emotionally.

He explained: “Psychiatrists were speaking to me about my problems, but none of them asked me what my true problem was, they did not want to know. I said to them I will always keep committing crimes if you do not help me address my issues, and that was to try and help me take care of the inner child that was abused. And that was always being missed.”

Although Daniel had to endure significant trauma during this childhood, he said that he does not blame his parents and has managed to forgive his mother for her mistakes. Daniel said this is because his mum has ‘turned her life around’ as she now works as a Minister of her Church. Daniel said: “She changed her life and has seen a miracle.”

He also admits that he felt himself returning to bad habits after his release from prison. “I left prison with an addiction and felt myself falling into the same patterns of behaviour with the same people coming around me,” he said. But Daniel managed to overcome these hurdles and has ‘transformed his life’ and wants to ‘give back’ to others.

Daniel Fox has opened his own business in Coventry
Daniel Fox has opened his own business in Coventry

Daniel said that he wants to help ‘change the hearts of young people’. He said that he has also been working with troubled children as he hopes to be a positive role model for those who may be facing the same problems as he did.

Speaking about one of the children he has been working with, Daniel said: “He was ‘effing and blinding at his mum and dad and they have been suffering in pain for so long and I thought you know what this kid reminds me of myself when I was a kid.”

Daniel helped the troubled teen challenge his anger through music and art. He said: “So I spoke to this little boy, he is 13, and he made a visual for my CD cover, and the kid has edited it and has been doing confidence-building and vocal training in the studio that I have built.“

He has also ‘chased his dream’ of opening his own business in Coventry upon his release from prison. Daniel now runs barbering academy Ace of Fades as well as teaches music to children, with some of his own tracks featuring on Radio 1 and Hills FM.

“I teach people how to cut hair, I sponsor six kids’ football teams in Coventry, I am a role model now for other people to try and help them change their lives. I feel like my time has come to give back to the world and those that may need my help the most.”

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