Coronavirus rates are on the rise across the UK with areas seemingly on the brink of moving into a tier two – high risk – lockdown.

Introduced earlier this week, the new three tier local alert system was an effort to simplify the local lockdown process and unify what had become a patchwork of different rules in different areas.

Rather than one, singular lockdown, each area is placed in a tier, ranging from medium, to very high, depending on the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 people in an area.

At this time, Coventry finds itself in tier one, for medium risk. It is the lowest tier on the scale.

And, while it is the best possible news for Coventry at this time, the city is isolated, to some extent, with neighbouring Solihull, Birmingham, and Leicester all in tier two, for high covid alertness.

Designed to simplify, the new rules have raised questions. For example, can people in medium risk areas such as Coventry and Warwickshire travel to high risk areas such as Birmingham?

Here at CoventryLive, we’ve answered that question as best we can.

What travel restrictions are currently in place?

The good news is that travel from medium Covid alert areas such as Coventry and Warwickshire isn’t currently too much of a problem.

Travel out of the area is still permitted – though the government warns that travel into very high risk areas should be avoided as much as is possible.

To that end, areas such as Liverpool and Merseyside should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Under the current guidelines, there is no real difference between travelling into medium, and high risk areas.

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It means that there is no major difference between travelling from our region to Birmingham or Leicester, which are high risk, and Northamptonshire, which is medium risk.

The only travel restriction of note relates to people who actually live in high risk zones. For such individuals, they are advised to reduce the number of journeys that they make – but have no restriction as to where they can go.

Travel for holidays is still allowed, but only with those in your household or support bubble, whether staying within the high risk area or travelling outside the area.

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