A defendant in a trial where five people are accused of murder has told a jury he did not know the victim had been stabbed until later.

Pavandeep Daudher, 19, died after being found with a stab wound to his leg at the BP garage in Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill, on March 31 March last year.

Police charged five men with his murder and they are currently standing trial at Warwick Crown Court.

One of the defendants, Ethan Lilley, 23, of Queen Isabels Avenue, Cheylesmore, started giving evidence yesterday told the court he had got out of a car on the petrol station forecourt armed with a baseball bat with the intention of “smashing up” a car.

He said that he did not know that Pavandeep Daudher had been stabbed until later.

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The violence followed an incident at Lilley’s house the night before.

The other four defendants are Riley Kavanagh, 20, of Drake Street, Foleshill; Jason Cornwall, 34, of Arundel Road, Cheylesmore; Callum Bowman, 30, of Humber Road, Stoke; and Kane McCarron, 18, of Portsea Close, Cheylesmore.

All five men deny murder and a further charge of robbing Zac Challenor, a friend of Mr Daudher, who was chased after the fatal stabbing and then attacked and robbed while still inside his car.

Asked by his barrister, Jonathan Higgs QC, what his intention was when he got out of a stolen Ford Kuga car on the petrol forecourt armed with a baseball bat, Lilley said: “To smash up their Audi or something like that.

“I got out of the front of the car, ran over towards the front of the Audi and struck out.”

“He had smashed-up my house I wanted to smash-up his car.”

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Asked to relay the events on the forecourt by Mr Higgs, Lilley said Callum Bowman also had a weapon which he thought was “a long shiny pole”which he had “struck out” with.

He said: “I thought it was a long shiny pole. When he got out I saw glimpses of it.”

Lilley said all five defendants had got out of the Kuga and he remembered Kavanagh kicking Pavandeep Daudher.

He said: “Riley threw a kick to the back of Pav.”

Dragged to the floor

He also remembered Pavandeep Daudher being dragged to the floor, him subsequently getting up and the Audi being driven off by Zac Challenor.

The five defendants got back in the Kuga and chased the Audi and collided with it twice before forcing it to stop.

That was the point as which he said he “shook-up” Mr Challenor from the passenger side while Bowman joined in from the driver’s side and got him in a headlock.

Asked about Pavandeep Daudher’s injuries Lilley said: “I just thought he had been kicked a few times”.

He claimed it was only when the defendants returned to a property in Campion Close and discussed what had happened with others that he found out more and that Pavandeep Daudher had been stabbed.

He said: “We said we had seen these lads, run them off the road and smashed their car.

“Callum said he had stabbed one of them.

“The atmosphere changed.

“Riley Kavanagh said ‘why the **** did you do that? There was no need for that, you took it too far.”

Discovered shiny pole was a machete

Lilley also said that he discovered what he thought had been a ‘shiny pole’ was in fact a machete and a flick knife also emerged as one of the weapons that had been used in the incident.

“Callum had the pole that turned out was a machete,” he said.

Mr Higgs said: “As far as the weapons were concerned there was your baseball bat, a silver pole you discovered in fact was a machete and a flick knife.”

Lilley agreed and added: “Callum said we had to burn the car and get rid of the weapons.”

Events the night before

Earlier in the day Lilley was questioned about events that happened the night before – March 30 – at the house he lived at with his mother.

Lilley said he returned to his home in Cheylesmore at around 11.30pm in his car along with Riley Kavanagh and Kane McCarron.

As he parked up his car in Galey’s Road, Lilley said he spotted a silver Audi A3 which drove by them slowly, before doing a U-turn and doing the same again.

Lilley told the court that two people in the Audi were “staring” at them, although he didn’t recognise them, before the car came “wheel-spinning” towards Lilley and the two others as they stood outside his home in Queen Isabels Avenue.

Car came ‘wheel-spinning’ towards them

“I saw doors opening and I thought they were going to do something”, said Lilley, who added that McCarron then made a gesture as if to throw something at the car, but didn’t.

Lilley said he heard one of the people in the Audi shout “your yard is getting smoked now”, which he believed meant “they are going to do something to my house”, before the Audi drove off.

Around 30-45 minutes later, now in the early hours of March 31, Lilley said he heard “three loud bangs” while he was in his house with Kavanagh, McCarron and his mother.

He said: “I ran to the hallway and over to the spyhole (on front door) and saw somebody in my garden.

“I ran to my living room window and could see someone with two knives stood by my door. He was in bushes by my door as if waiting for me or someone to come out.”

Armed with a machete

Lilley told the court that he soon realised there were three people in total in his garden, with one of the others armed with a machete.

“He was shouting for the people inside to come outside,” Lilley said of the man wielding the machete.

Lilley said he shouted “who are ya?” to the people outside and the man with the machete replied: “You know who we are.”

Lilley then started to climb out of the living room window, but the man with the machete kept “coming towards me every time I wanted to get out” and at one point “tried chopping” Lilley with the weapon, but missed and cracked a panel on the house.

Window smashed

Having thrown an ornament out of the window at the intruders, Lilley said those outside picked up two wine bottles from a dustbin they had knocked over and threw them at the house, with the second one smashing a window.

Lilley said his mum was in the house “screaming and shouting” throughout the incident and she said she was calling the police, before the people outside finally left.

Mr Higgs asked: “Did you, at that stage, know either what it was about or who the people were?”

Lilley replied; “No.”

The court heard that throughout the day of March 31, Lilley was speaking to people on the phone and was eventually told Zac Challenor had been involved in the incident outside his house.

The trial continues.

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