KFC is one of the go-to places for hungry diners looking for a quick bite to eat. We have several branches across Coventry and if you are a fan then you probably have a favourite.

Franchises first opened in the UK back in 1965 and the popular fast-food giant is known for its original recipe chicken with its meals featuring a ‘secret’ mix of herbs and spices. And whilst branches of the chain typically have the same menu, there can sometimes be significant differences in the service provided between different locations.

With this in mind, we have looked at how all five of the KFC branches in Coventry are rated according to Google Reviews. CoventryLive has ranked each restaurant below from best to worst followed by the score they have been given out of five stars.

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All ratings were correct as of Sunday, 1 May 2022.

Best: West Orchards

It was rated 3.8/5 according to 284 reviews.

Where? West Orchards Shopping Centre, Smithford Way, Coventry, CV1 1QX

What do locals have to say?

Abby Lea said: “Very chaotic and hard to find somewhere to sit at peak times. The food was hot but we ordered a large Popcorn Chicken Meal, only to be given a large Popcorn Chicken, but a small chips and drink?! They would not give us a receipt and we questioned them when they first put the drink down and they just ignored us.“

Kalahari Surfer said: “I have eaten here numerous times over the years and it is one of the very few KFC branches that serve hot, properly cooked chips. The staff are friendly and the chicken and other items on the menu are the usual KFC quality.“

Tile Hill

KFC in Tile Hill
KFC in Tile Hill

It was rated 3.5/5 according to 1,263 reviews.

Where? Vanguard Avenue, Tile Hill, CV5 6UA

What do locals have to say?

Laurie Corey said: “Absolutely disgusting place! Food was cold, staff are rude… we waited in the queue for 15 minutes to be told they do not have Krushems. Why not put a sign at the very start so people do not waste time waiting?“

Trendy Trenessh said: “Good customer service, it is not too long to wait and there is still space even during busy hours – and the food is finger-lickin’ good of course!“

Worst: Cross Cheaping

KFC on Cross Cheaping
KFC on Cross Cheaping

It was rated 3.4/5 according to 664 reviews.

Where? 10/12 Cross Cheaping, Coventry, CV1 1HG

What do locals have to say?

Rash Raman said: “Great location, but that does mean it gets really busy. Even though there is not a drive-thru they get really busy with orders via apps. However, staff are really friendly and efficient at their jobs so it is not too much of a wait. The order area can get quite packed, but there is some seating downstairs with a lot more seating upstairs.“

Riaan Krishna Krishnamoorthy said: “Very worst experience in this KFC. I bought a Mighty Bucket for one and a Mini Burger. All the chicken was very old and burnt totally. And the Mini Burger did not look like a burger. It was like a bread and inside a burnt chicken. I bought it for £8.99 and I threw everything which was not even edible.“

Worst: Walsgrave Road

KFC on Walsgrave Road
KFC on Walsgrave Road

It was rated 3.4/5 according to 703 reviews.

Where? 276/278 Walsgrave Road, CV2 4BL

What do locals have to say?

Imogen Mount said: “Food is normally really good from here, chips are warm and the food seems fresh but I had four hot wings that were not cooked. I had bit into one, ate it and then looked at the rest of the meat realising it was raw. The rest of the hot wings were the same.“

Balj said: “Avoid this takeaway. Last time I ordered food to be delivered it was horrendous not to mention overpriced. I ordered a Zinger Burger Meal and two pieces of chicken. The drink was the warmest item in the bag. The burger had hardly any sauce and the fries were disgusting. Never using this shop again.“

Worst: Courthouse Green

KFC in Courthouse Green
KFC in Courthouse Green

It was rated 3.4/5 according to 1,218 reviews.

Where? Austin Drive, Coventry, CV6 7NS

What do locals have to say?

Jinnie Harris said: “Food is cold and over or undercooked. Portions are much smaller than any other KFC. Staff are rude and impatient and not interested.“

Robert Robertson said: “Food was OK. Did not indicate which Tower Burger was a Zinger and which one was not. Service was at an OK pace but not very welcoming or pleasant. The big turn off was the state of the toilets. Went to wash my hands after eating and was shocked how dirty they were and it was not just surface dirt but built-up grime for low standards.“

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