Coventry UK City of Culture Trust have said the city is in for “five months of adventure” as our year in the spotlight comes to a close in May.

A “fantastic finale event” will close our year of culture, but the Trust have remained tight-lipped about what that will be.

The coronavirus pandemic saw Coventry’s year in the cultural spotlight put back until May 2021.


With just five months left of our cultural programme, what can Coventrians expect to actually see in the coming months?

The grand finale may be wrapped in secrecy, but we have an array of upcoming events to look forward to.

Watch Laura McMillan of Coventry City of Culture Trust outline the next 5 months in the video at the top.

The start of the pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, are events that no-one could have predicted.

The Trust has had to adapt their programme, and it is unbelievable to think we only have five months left of the 365-day programme.

Outlining what the city has to look forward to, Laura McMillan, director of audience strategy at Coventry City of Culture Trust told CoventryLive: “At the end of January we have an amazing event with Nitin Sawhney called Ghost in the Ruins which is going to be a fantastic re imagining of the War Requiem in the just stunning Coventry Cathedral.”

Ms McMillan also mentioned other highlights taking place such as the last few days of Coventry Glides ice rink, The Turner Prize, and Symphony of Us, a music and cultural event taking place at the Cathedral.

Coventry-born designer and campaigner Daniel Lismore will be presenting a renowned exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, celebrating some of his best work.

The show, titled Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken, will feature 50 3D life-sized pieces modelled on the artist’s ‘life as a living sculpture’.

There were also creative events such as window wanderland which saw Coventry residents put up creative displays in their doors and windows, and the stunning Coventry Abundance Festival, which closed down roads with its colourful carnival over Diwali weekend.

Hinting at what is to come in the coming months, Ms McMillan said: “May and April are going to be really really busy, and I’m kind of sworn to secrecy right now but really soon there’ll be more information.

“The big one is hopefully you’ve all heard about is Radio One’s Big Weekend so we’re going to be hosting Radio One’s Big Weekend at the end of May which is just an amazing way to be ending our city of culture year.

“We’ve also got a fantastic finale closing event which we’re going to be announcing more about really soon.”

And reassuring residents, Ms McMillan said: “It won’t be the end of City of Culture, we’ve been working hard over the summer and over Christmas to get a really exciting legacy plan together, which we will be sharing with you in the spring.”

Track the timeline of how we got our title as the City of Culture here.

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