Akshay, 31, was also on the show in 2022 but it was not until after it finished that Harpreet got in touch, and they “haven’t looked back”, he said.

Less than two years later, they have bought their “dream home” in Bradford, met each other’s family and are about to get married.

The wedding celebrations include a civil ceremony in Pontefract because Harpreet wants to show Akshay’s family “up north”, followed by a traditional Indian wedding in London and a huge reception.

Harpreet told the BBC: “When you work in business you’re very capable of juggling multiple plates at once, so I found this like another Apprentice task really.

“There are so many elements to the wedding, from picking a venue to considering your guests’ travel arrangements to making sure they don’t get bored.”

Akshay, founder of betting site Tips 360, added: “There’s also the food, the finance, the timeline, even the weather… and of course the negotiations, that has been fun.”

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