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If you grew up listening to grime music, you’ve probably heard of Channel U.

Later known as Channel AKA, it was a music service that began in 2003.

It focused heavily on the British grime scene, giving platforms to artists like Giggs and Wretch 32 when they first started making music.

After 15 years on air, it stopped broadcasting in 2018 – but is now set to return in November.

It will play a selection of old school grime videos and classic shows, as well as the first ever Grime movie and soundtrack Against All Odds, exploring the rise of Grime in the UK.

The film features some of the biggest names in the grime scene, including Jammer, Ghetts and D Double E, who will play themselves in the movie.

Grime artist D Double E spoke to Radio 1 Newsbeat about taking part in the film and soundtrack.

“The scene I was in felt as real as possible, we put on a beat and went back to back and it just felt natural.

“The video we shot was probably one of the best video’s I’ve done, it’s going to be good for the people to see.”

He has appeared on Channel U a few times himself.

“Channel U returning is big for the scene, we (grime artists) haven’t really got much TV support so it will be good for us.”

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The directors make an appearance in the movie themselves

The film is directed and produced by Nicky “Slimting” Walker, an actor and grime pioneer and Femi Oyeniran, who is best known for his role in Kidulthood.

“For us as kids, Channel U was the greatest TV channel on Earth, so for us to be able to bring it back is important,” Femi tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“It was the first broadcast platform for every MC, and for us as kids, it was the first time we saw these stars on screen.”

He says grime was his favourite genre as a teenager.

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Femi and Nicky also worked together on a film called The Intent

The film shines a light on legendary pirate radio stations like Deja Vu, which gave a platform to some of our favourite grime MC’s early in their careers.

“We wanted to create something that celebrated the very important musical genre that is considered to have been the foundation of all the different scenes that exist at the moment.

“Against all Odds is a visual celebration of the scene that the grime forefathers created.”

Channel U will return on 13th November with the premiere of Against All Odds.

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