Rishi's darkest hour... reads the front of the Daily Mail

The story dominating Tuesday’s papers is Nigel Farage’s announcement that he will lead the Reform UK party into the election, and contest the constituency of Clacton. Much of the focus is on what this means for the Conservatives. Under the headline “Rishi’s Darkest Hour…”, the Daily Mail highlights that an hour after the announcement by Farage, a YouGov poll of 50,000 people was published suggesting that the Tories could be reduced to 140 seats based on their research.

Farage's return and a new poll deal blow to Sunak, reads the front of the Times

A similar angle can be seen on the front of the Times, describing it as a “significant blow to Rishi Sunak’s slim electoral hopes”. An interesting, if somewhat concerning, science story also appears on the front – with the news that “invasive Asian hornets have survived the winter in Britain for the first time”. It notes that the species poses a threat to the “UK’s native pollinators”.

"Tory alarm as Farage takes control of Reform UK" reads the Guardian's top story

“Tory alarm as Farage takes control of Reform UK” reads the headline on Guardian’s coverage of Farage’s return and the YouGov poll. In another interesting science story, the paper also reports on the first patient in England to be given an artificial cornea. Cecil Farley, 91, from Chobham in Surrey, had issues with his right eye for about 15 years and praised the procedure for allowing him to see his wife.

"Farage blows apart Tory election plan, the i paper reports

“Farage blows apart Tory election plan, the i paper reports

"Meltdown" reads the front of Mirror, looking at Farage's return

“Meltdown” is the Mirror’s headline, taking in the bleak outlook for Conservative party. The paper notes indications from the YouGov poll that ministers Grant Shapps and Jeremy Hunt could lose their seats. A story which also features across the papers is a final inspiring voice note left by rugby star and MND advocate Rob Hutton, who died on Sunday aged 41. “Every single day is precious… don’t waste a moment,” he said.

"I'm back to lead the revolt" reads the front of the Daily Telegraph

With a picture of a pointing Farage standing in front of a Union flag, the Daily Telegraph goes with the headline “I’m back to lead the revolt”. The paper also reports a pledge from Sunak to “impose an annual cap on immigration visas to reduce the number of foreign workers and dependents coming to the UK”.

Vote for Farage 'is more likely to end up with Starmer in No10, reads the front of the Daily Express

The Daily Express has an interview with the prime minister, who is reacting to the announcement by Farage by saying that “a vote for anyone who is not a Conservative just makes it more likely that Keir Starmer is going to end up in No10”.

Twin blow to Tories as Farage enters the fray and polls predict a drubbing, reads the front of the Financial Times

Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected Mexico’s first female president, and a large image of her features on the front of the Financial Times – under the headline “Investors fret after landslide”, noting the election of the pro-worker candidate could mean “uncertainty for business”. It also reports trouble for Sunak because of Farage’s return to frontline politics and the YouGov poll.

Tories face a record rout, reads the front of the Metro

The Metro focuses on the results of the YouGov poll, going with the headline “Tories face a record rout”, and highlighting government ministers who could be posed to lose their seats.

BE brave, face your battles and don't waste a single day, reads the Daily Star's headline

The Daily Star carry Rob Burrow as its lead story for a second day in a row, reporting the inspirational message of his final voice note.

The Special Mum if the Sun's headline

And the Sun goes with the headline “The Special Mum”, a story about Jude Bellingham’s mother Denise being introduced to Jose Mourinho (who has the nickname “the Special One”).

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