Take a coat if you’re heading outside today – it’s going to stay cold.

Temperatures in Coventry aren’t expected to rise above freezing all day, and they’ll feel as cold as -9 degrees Celsius.

But there is some good news. Tomorrow’s forecast looks a little warmer, and the cold snap may at last be over, with warmer temperatures into next week.

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 14, Coventry is expected to get some rain with temperatures at around four degrees.

And the early forecast for Monday and Tuesday shows that temperatures could rise even more, up to around 11 degrees, with sunny spells and light rain.

But for today, the Met Office says you should expect it to remain very cold and cloudy with some sunny spells.

Here’s the hour-by-hour forecast for today, Saturday, February 13.

9am: Sunny intervals, -3 (feels like temperature -9)

10am : Sunny intervals, -3 (feels like temperature -9)

11am: Sunny intervals, -2 (feels like temperature -8)

12pm : Cloudy, -2 (feels like temperature -8)

1pm: Cloudy, -1 (feels like temperature -7)

2pm: Cloudy, -1 (feels like temperature -7)

3pm: Cloudy, -1 (feels like temperature -6)

4pm: Overcast, -1 (feels like temperature -6)

5pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -6)

6pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -6)

7pm : Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -6)

8pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -5)

9pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -5)

10pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -5)

11pm: Overcast, 0 (feels like temperature -5)

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