The driver of a luxury Lamborghini was fined after police in Coventry stopped the vehicle for failing to display a registration plate. Officers swooped in the city centre this morning after noticing the supercar was missing the all-important piece of kit.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “Just when you thought number plates didn’t fall off anymore in #coventry. £100 fine issued to driver for failing to display front plate this morning.”

The fine is not likely to be too much of a headache to the owner given just how much the Italian brand costs. Even the most basic model is understood to command upwards of £160,000.

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In a separate post on Twitter, the force added: “We all have number plates for a reason. We all have a stick to the same rules (and we know things like this really annoy you when you follow the rules).”

One puzzled Twitter user asked ‘where’s it supposed to go?’, in reference to the absent reg plate. Coventry City Centre Police replied with a picture of a plate attached to a different Lamborghini with the playful message ‘Fits ok on this one’.

It is not the first time in the last few months that police have pulled up Lamborghinis in Coventry for flouting driving regulations. In July last year, a Lamborghini was pulled up by officers in Sky Blue Way in Coventry when they noticed it didn’t have a front number plate – the very same offence as today’s.

In May last year, the same thing happened again in Coventry City Centre. A blue Lamborghini Huracan was stopped by police for having no licence at the front – or insurance.

Lamborghini seized by police after the driver ‘had not passed test’

That offence came just days after yet another Lamborghini was stopped by police. It was pulled up by city centre police for once again not having a licence plate on the front – yet on that occasion the owner only had a provisional licence.

One website might have an answer. The boffins at showplatesworld say some drivers leave them off the front of their pricey Lamborghinis because they spoil the look of the car.

This Lamborghini was stopped for having no insurance

It states: “The reason some Lamborghinis and other supercars don’t have front number plates is because their owners think they look better without them, which they do. However, while it’s not always required to have a number plate on the front of your car in America, a front number plate is a legal requirement here in the UK and what these supercar owners are doing is illegal.”

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