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A number of papers held their front pages for the end of the first leaders’ debate between Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the Conservatives. The Guardian leads on what it calls an “ill-tempered debate”.

The front of the i

The i newspaper describes it as an “angry TV clash”. Its front page also previews a story it has on the Tories considering announcing a policy of leaving the European Court of Human Rights – something which could theoretically make it easier to carry out the Rwanda plan.

The front of the Daily Express

Across newspapers which have traditionally been supportive of the Conservatives, Rishi Sunak’s debate performance has been getting positive reviews. “Kapow! Feisty Rishi Floors Starmer over £2,000 tax rise” reads the front of the Daily Express. Labour rejects the figure used by Sunak, because it is based on assumptions provided by Tory political advisers.

Daily Mail front page

Sunak landed “big blows” according to the Daily Mail. Post-debate polling by YouGov suggested the prime minister had won a narrow victory, coming out on top by 51% to 49%.

Daily Telegraph front page

The Daily Telegraph also focuses on Starmer’s stance on tax, describing him as “on the ropes”.

The front of the Times

Along with its coverage of the debate, the Times also has a story about the King’s attendance at events to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It reports that it will be his “first big international event” since starting treatment for cancer.

The front page of the Metro

“Shaky start for Farage” is the headline in the Metro, carrying an image of Reform UK’s Nigel Farage having a milkshake thrown at him while launching his personal election campaign in Clacton.

The front of the Mirror

Coverage of D-Day also makes the front of the Mirror, with the headline “These are all good men”. The paper reports on 30 veterans making a ferry journey back to Normandy in “what might be their final trip of remembrance”.

The front page of the Financial Times

Looking to a different election, the Financial Times leads on the major upset that projects India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi being deprived of a parliamentary majority. The paper also has a story about British universities slipping down an international list due to a “financial squeeze and domestic political attacks on its reputation”.

The front page of the Daily Star

And finally, the Daily Star leads on a story about “asbo orcas” which are apparently “smashing up and sinking boats around the Mediterranean” because “they’re young and have nothing better to do”.

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