A giant mural in Coventry’s FarGo Village, illustrating what children across the country imagine a greener city could look like, has been completed.

The design of the mural, titled ‘Our Imagined Future’, has been inspired following E.ON’s research with 2,000 children from across the UK.

The survey revealed over half of children (58%) would like to see more parks and green spaces such as allotments in their local city, as well as more public recycling options (52%). Some children let their imagination run wild, suggesting litter picking robots (19%) and animals living in harmony amongst us (44%), all of which have been incorporated into the mural design by Coventry artist Ben Barter.

Over half of children in the UK (54%) also believe we need to reduce our use of plastic to make cities more sustainable, with 44% stating there should be more sustainable travel options in the future, such as trams and electric buses. In addition, almost half (47%) feel it is vital to have solar panels on all buildings and bus stops and over a third (34%) want to see only electric vehicles on the roads.

Councillor Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change, said: “It’s great to see local children so involved creating this really impactful design. We know that young people are very aware of climate change and keen to see a more sustainable future and that comes across loud and clear for all to see. And that’s why of course our strategic energy partnership with E.ON is so important.”

Ben Tuck, Social Value Programme Manager at E.ON, said: “We hope to further raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in cities like Coventry. It’s a great way to visualise children’s inspiring and creative solutions to make our cities greener, more sustainable and better places to live.”

Located at the entrance of FarGo Village in the heart of Coventry and designed by both artist Ben Barter and muralist Katie O’Sullivan, the 32ft mural took over 40 hours to complete. It was finished by pupils aged 9-12 from local schools.

Coventry artist, Ben Barter explains: “My personal favourite is the robots picking up litter and the animals living alongside us in an ecologically diverse environment. As a Coventry local myself, I am excited to see this all come to life as well as witness the artistic talents of the next generation.”

Local Coventry muralist, Katie O’Sullivan, who helped create and paint E.ON’s illustration, adds: “Coventry is a beautiful city that I have been fortunate enough to help paint, and decorate. It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of this campaign.”

The mural was commissioned to celebrate E.ON’s 15-year strategic energy partnership with Coventry City Council to transform the city’s approach to carbon reduction. 

The initiative sees the company, which has had its UK home in Coventry for almost 30 years, become the city’s new Strategic Energy Partner, forming an alliance that aims to build a cleaner and more sustainable city and drive a new green economy that will bring jobs and skills for generations to come.

Learn more about the Coventry City Council and E.ON partnership.

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