Developer APIs Limit Virus Exposure For Staff and Customers

August 6, 2020 – Santa Barbara, CAPayJunction, a leading developer of payment processing technology, has launched developer APIs to further enable its cloud-controlled and completely contactless payment solution.

PayJunction’s ZeroTouch Terminal

PayJunction’s ZeroTouch Terminal

PayJunction’s ZeroTouch Terminal, officially launched in 2020, is the first solution that eliminates the need for retailers to touch the same device as consumers. The ZeroTouch Terminal is customer facing and is controlled by a REST API so it can be positioned outside of a sneeze guard, thereby maintaining social distance for any staff-customer interactions. In addition, signatures can be disabled via the API so physical exchange is eliminated and receipts can be delivered electronically. The REST API ensures no exchange of sensitive data occurs, thereby keeping the developer out of scope of PCI.

Leveraging the PayJunction API, developers can create secure, cloud-based solutions that are EMV certified, limit PCI audits, and offer NFC support.

PayJunction offers software developers:

  • Free terminal: Qualifying developers can order a free PayJunction ZeroTouch Smart Terminal for development testing.
  • API information: Developers can review the getting started documentation, API requirements, level 2 credit card data requirements, and other information via the PayJunction API Documentation page.
  • Increased security: PayJunction’s secure manual key entry reduces the chance of hackers gaining access to cardholder data, and simplifies the annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance validation process which varies depending on the types of networks, systems and processes you have in place.
  • Remote payments: To help businesses that have shifted to a work-from-home or curbside services model, PayJunction has launched the ability to email a customer a request for payment and remotely collect a signature agreeing to the charges and business terms. Remote payments not only ensure that the business is minimizing virus exposure for staff and customers, but they also protect against disputed transactions and chargebacks.

About PayJunction
PayJunction, founded in 2000, has continually disrupted the payment processing industry with an approach that combines customer advocacy, transparent and ethical pricing, and environmental consciousness. PayJunction’s cloud-based gateway and processing platform consolidates credit, debit and check transactions made in person, online, over the phone and on the go. Its technology helps businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and elevate the customer payment experience. PayJunction processes over $5 billion annually for US-based businesses. PayJunction’s dedication to valuing long-term relationships over short-term profit has earned the company widespread recognition and awards from Stevie®, Glassdoor® and others.

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