West Midlands Police Station in Chace Avenue
will continue to remain open. However, the
police accommodation building next door has
been unused for many years.

It was previously used to accommodate single police officers.

West Midlands Police intend to sell the accommodation building and following discussions with Coventry City Council have accepted an offer for the Council to purchase it.

What is the plan for the building?

The proposal is to use the building as temporary accommodation for single people.

Why are we doing this?

The Council has legal duties to provide accommodation to homeless people who are eligible and in priority need. In recent years demands on the Housing and Homelessness service has increased, with a significant rise in the use and cost of temporary accommodation.

At any given time, there are more than 1,100 families or single people in temporary accommodation and every week the Council is contacted by almost 200 people worried about homelessness or facing the threat of homelessness.

The Council has responded to this rapid increase in demand for temporary accommodation by setting up a range of alternative options across the city.

We are looking to continue this work by improving the accommodation and support available, especially for the increasing number of single homeless adults in the city.

Why this building?

The building would consist of private bedrooms and shared laundry and cooking facilities. It would be staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Staff based at the property would provide property management, housing management and personal support to the residents.

The longer term aim is for all clients to be given support to move out of the temporary accommodation and into secure long-term settled homes.

How will it be managed?

The Council already own and manage similar buildings within Coventry. This building would be managed in line with other properties and includes:

  • a no visitor policy
  • managed directly by the Council and its Supported Temporary Accommodation (STA) Team
  • onsite housing management and out of hours security
  • support staff also located in the building
  • communal areas for external agencies to visit to provide support

This accommodation would provide 34-36 beds on top of a further 111 beds elsewhere in the city.

The proposed location on Chace Avenue

West Midlands Police Station on Chace Avenue will continue to remain open. 

What next? 

We will work with local partners, businesses, residents and councillors representing the Binley and Willenhall Ward to engage with local people on this project. 

As mentioned, West Midlands Police Station will continue to remain open and we will also want to talk to people about the plans for the vacant police accommodation block. 

Tell us what you think 

We want to hear what you think. 

Come and talk to us on Monday 26 February anytime between 4-7pm at Willenhall Library. You can give us your comments on our website.

Tuesday, 13th February 2024

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