Joynes joined the school in 2018, as part of the Teach First teacher recruitment scheme after studying for a sports and exercise science degree.

The court had heard she was 28, had just come out of a nine-year relationship, and was “flattered” by the attention of teenage schoolboys.

Boy A worked out her mobile number after she gave him all but one digit, and the pair connected on Snapchat.

He sent her flirtatious texts and they agreed to meet secretly.

Boy A lied to his his mother that he was staying over at a friend’s house after school finished on Friday, but instead Joynes picked him up near his home in her Audi A1, took him to the Trafford Centre, and bought him a £350 Gucci belt.

Breaking bail

Back at her flat they kissed and had sex twice.

The next day the boy’s mother noticed a love-bite on her son’s neck, which he dismissed as “nothing”.

But police received a tip-off and visited the school along with boy A’s “distraught” mother, who stormed into reception after being told her son had spent the night with a teacher.

Joynes was bailed on condition she have no unsupervised contact with anyone under 18.

She said she had a “breakdown” and moved back to her parents in Wirral.

She was at a low point when boy B messaged her on Snapchat asking how she was.

“I genuinely thought he cared,” Joynes said.

Joynes moved back to Salford Quays, and Boy B visited and they had sex for the first time.

She was arrested for breaking bail conditions and spent five months in custody until she was bailed in November last year, giving birth in early 2024.

Jane Wilson, senior crown prosecutor for CPS North West, said: “Rebecca Joynes is a sexual predator.

“She abused her position to groom and ultimately sexually exploit schoolboys. Her behaviour has had a lasting impact on them.”

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