Deputy Commissioner Sue Arnold will soon spend the night sleeping in a cardboard box to help raise money for charity.

Mrs Arnold will sleep out on Friday 8 November to experience what homeless people go through every night.

The Burton YMCA Sleep Out has now been running for 11 years and is designed to raise funds to help the town’s homeless while raising awareness on the ever increasing demands on homelessness services.

Through fundraising efforts, Mrs Arnold has managed to raise almost £1,000 so far for the YMCA. She is encouraging members of the public to sponsor her and support the work done by the YMCA to help the homeless in Staffordshire. 

Mrs Arnold said: ‘This is a fantastic and inspirational event, which will give us a real taste of what those who have to sleep rough go through every night.

‘I have taken part in past events, which have proven to be a humbling experience. What struck me ishow close any of us, regardless of position or status, are to becoming homeless.

‘For example, I heard about a man who had lost his wife, spiralled into depression and ultimately lost his job, resulting in him being unable to pay the bills and becoming homeless. This demonstrates how close anyone is to becoming homeless.

‘I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has sponsored me and I am pleased the money raised is going to such a worthwhile cause. Knowing just one night can make a real difference to someone’s life is all the motivation I need.’

Anyone who wants to help support the Burton YMCA and sponsor the Deputy Commissioner should visit

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