The i headline: "Labour set to announce big cuts to public services in UK"

Several front pages are leading with Labour’s manifesto roll-out. The i reports that the party is due to announce “significant spending cuts” in many government departments. The paper says this decision comes after Labour has repeatedly said taxes will not rise if it enters government, adding that the party’s key election document will “not include new spending promises”.

Times headline: "Growth and prosperity our priority, says Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer is to say the Labour Party will place economic growth and prosperity as their “number one priority” in government, according to the Times. As part of the manifesto launch, Starmer will promise to take on the “blockers of aspiration” and usher in a boom in housebuilding, the paper says.

Daily Telegraph headline: "Starmer paves the way for tax rises"

The Daily Telegraph has a contrasting take on Labour’s plans, reporting that Starmer refused to rule out increases in council tax, fuel duty and capital gains tax in a Sky News election programme. The paper notes Labour’s leader instead promised “no tax rises for working people”, which it says leaves the door open for increasing wealth taxes.

Daily Mail headline: "A tory wipeout risks one-party socialist state"

A “wipeout” of the Conservative Party at the election risks voters “sleepwalking into a one-party socialist state” under Labour, senior Tories have told the Daily Mail. The paper says this “shift in strategy” from senior Conservatives is designed to convince Tory voters “flirting” with Reform UK to stick with the party.

Guardian headline reads: Sunak aid bet on election date before announcement"

The Guardian’s front page carries an exclusive that Rishi Sunak’s top aide placed a £100 bet on the general election date, three days before the prime minister called it. The paper says it understands the Gambling Commission is investigating Craig Williams, who said in a statement he would co-operate with “routine enquiries” and acknowledged: “I should have thought how it looks.”

Daily Express headline: "TICKING TIME BOMB! 3.6M at high risk of DIABETES"

Around 3.6 million people are at risk of developing diabetes, according to the Daily Express. The paper says this record number of people at risk comes as the UK is battling an “obesity epidemic”, which health officials are blaming on cheap junk food.


The Metro leads with a father’s calls for urgent safety measures to tackle the dangers of e-bikes, after his family died in an explosion. Scott Penden bought a battery for his bike online and left it charging overnight, but the paper reports it blew up and caused a fire – leaving his four-year-old son, eight-year-old daughter and partner dead.

Daily Mirror headline: "Our year of hell"

The mother of Nottingham stabbing victim Barnaby Webber has spoken to the Daily Mirror, describing her family’s “year of hell” since he was killed. Emma Webber told the paper that their lives had been “blown apart” and that she still turned on his bedroom light every evening.

FT headline: "Energy watchdog foresees ‘staggering’ oil glut while producers keep pumping"

The amount of oil being pumped out of the ground by companies in the Middle East and US means the world is facing a “staggering” surplus by 2030, according to the Financial Times. Demand for oil is expected to peak in 2030, but experts tell the paper that the sheer volume being produced means efforts to keep oil prices high by many energy-producing nations are likely to fail.

Daily Star headline: "Three loins on a shirt"

Breaking with often strongly held German conventions, England’s football stars have been given special permission to cover up when using a naked spa in Germany, the Daily Star says. In a somewhat unique scoop, the paper reports that any shier members of the “Three Loins” will be able to “cover up their tackle” when using their hotel’s facilities during the Euros.

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