The new supermarket in Bell Green, Lido Extra, opened on Friday (December 17).

Coventry Live took a trip to the new supermarket to see just how much bang you can get for your buck.

The store is based at the former Aldi site on Roseberry Avenue. Aldi closed down there in 2019.

But a local businessman stepped in to bring a budget Euro supermarket back to the area.

We discovered it’s totally different to the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s – and it’s not the same as Aldi or Lidl, either.

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‘There is excitement among locals’

The initial plan was to go and see how much you could get with £20, but after a calculated wiz round the store and some frankly awful maths skills, I ended up spending around £25.

I popped in just after 9am, around an hour after the store opened, and the car park was already pretty full.

Upon entering, the aisles were also bustling and you can see there is an excitement among locals about the new supermarket and what it means for shoppers in the area.

What around £25 can get you in new Bell Green supermarket, Lido Extra
What around £25 can get you in new Bell Green supermarket, Lido Extra

Lido Extra offers something completely different to Tesco

As someone who generally shops at Tesco and the other bigger chains, the sheer amount of products I was unfamiliar with on the shelves was slightly overwhelming.

The store is the brainchild of Ari Mustafa, the local businessman behind the city’s Eurosupermarket chain, and Lido Extra is a place that will be very popular with the local Eastern European community.

My plan to go in with a £20 note and leave with a bunch of potential meals went slightly out of the window when I realised the products on the shelf would take some getting used to.

At one point I picked up a large jar of what I thought was bolognese sauce, only to realise after closer inspection it was actually tomato paste.

Coventry: The new Lido superstore which is to open on Roseberry Avenue, Bell Green.
Coventry: The new Lido superstore which is to open on Roseberry Avenue, Bell Green.

This example sums up the experience in many ways, with there being literally thousands of items I didn’t recognise surrounding me.

I put what I thought was a pint of milk in my trolley, only to discover it was actually kefir, a fermented milk drink (according to Wikipedia), and perhaps not ideal for a morning coffee or the kids’ coco pops.

But this is more down to my own ignorance of foreign foods than anything else, and the items (and the store generally) will prove very popular.

Case in point; a young family in front of me at the till had a trolley full of the same items I had just struggled to read.

Brilliant bargains, butcher and bakery

There is a lot to like for everyone else too, including some great offers, such as buy one get two free on packs of pasta and 2.5 litres of Coca Cola for £1.79.

Similar to Lidl, Lido Extra has its own bakery – which is just fantastic.

Freshly baked buns and baguettes adorn the shelves, along with some more unusual items – such as a sesame topped roll shaped like a croissant, which when cut and buttered was delicious.

One of the options in the Lido Extra bakery
One of the options in the Lido Extra bakery

There is also a counter with a professional butchers, again featuring items you won’t usually see at Tesco and the like, including some potential alternative Christmas foods such as massive turkey wings and the gizzards of the same bird.

There are also huge racks of pork ribs which look like they’d be fantastic slow cooked in a barbecue sauce.

The butchers at Lido Extra
The butchers at Lido Extra

The well-stocked off-licence consists of familiar beer brands, some less familiar ones for the more adventurous and a good selection on wine and spirits, too.

Different to Lidl and Aldi

But keep in mind Lido Extra isn’t a bargain specialist like Lidl and Aldi.

Many items were pricey, with some being more so than the big UK chains.

For instance a Ristorante pizza was £3.49, which is much dearer than you’ll find elsewhere (the Tesco website has them listed at £2.50, or even £1.75 if you have a Clubcard).

CoventryLive's trip to Lido Extra, the new supermarket in Bell Green
CoventryLive’s trip to Lido Extra, the new supermarket in Bell Green

Around six chicken drumsticks cost £1.97 – for the same price at Tesco you’d get double that for a few pennies more (though as Lido is a butchers, it could be argued the meat is better quality).

But don’t be put off by this reporter’s ignorance and penny-pinching – go and check out Lido Extra, but be more open-minded than me and try some delicacies from around the world.

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