Potters Corner at Chepstow
Potters Corner won the 2019 Welsh Grand National at Chepstow

Sunday’s Welsh Grand National meeting at Chepstow has been called off because of a waterlogged course.

Organisers said Storm Bella had left a small section of the course impassable after 27 millimetres of rain fell overnight.

This is the fifth time in a decade the race, which is the biggest in the Welsh calendar, has been postponed because of adverse weather conditions.

It has been rescheduled for Saturday, 9 January.

Chepstow executive director Phil Bell told BBC Sport Wales: “We feel particularly unlucky because on Wednesday we were due to have 30mm of rain and we actually had 65mm.

“Then to have a storm the night before racing on top of that is just really unfortunate.

“There is only one part of the course that is not raceable, the other 90% is fine.

“If the whole course was underwater it would almost be more palatable, but when it’s just one small section when we have had so much rain, it is really frustrating.

“We are choked because we were so close.”

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